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Jennifer Lawrence advocates for 'new normal-body type'

When it comes to body image, Jennifer Lawrence is pushing for a new normal.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to body image, Jennifer Lawrence is pushing for a new normal.

"I would like us to make a new normal-body type," she told Harper's Bazaar, which interviewed the Academy Award-winning actress for the magazine's May 2016 cover story. "Everybody says, 'We love that there is somebody with a normal body!' And I'm like, 'I don't feel like I have a normal body.' I do Pilates every day. I eat, but I work out a lot more than a normal person. I think we've gotten so used to underweight that when you are a normal weight it's like, 'Oh, my God, she's curvy.' Which is crazy. The bare minimum, just for me, would be to up the ante."

With a laugh, she added, "At least so I don't feel like the fattest one."

Jenifer Lawrence in Harper’s BazaarReuters

Heralded by peers and fans for her candor and resonant voice in Hollywood, Lawrence also discussed the reaction to her October 2015 essay that demanded equal pay for actresses.

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"I had no idea it was going to blow up like that," she said. "And I obviously only absorbed the negative. I didn't pay any attention to the positive feedback. My parents get really upset. They do not like me speaking out about anything political because it's hard to see your kid take criticism. But, really, people who criticized it are people who think women should not be paid the same as men. So I don't really care what those people think."

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Even if she's serious about the issue, she appears to be open to a joke at her expense. She laughed when comedian Ricky Gervais tweaked her at this year's Golden Globes by saying "nurses and factory workers" marched on her behalf and declared, "How the hell can a 25-year-old live on $52 million?"

Reflecting on the joke, Lawrence told Bazaar, "I try not to be too sensitive to the 'poor rich girl' jokes. I was saying my reality is absolutely fabulous, but it is not the reality of a lot of women in America. That's what I'm talking about." She asserted there's no reason to sacrifice pleasing others "as long as you're getting what's fair,' adding, "I want my employers to be happy. I want to please anyone I'm working for as long as they pay me the appropriate amount."

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Other highlights from the interview include her insights on:

  • Feminism: "I don't know why that word is so scary to people; it shouldn't be, because it just means equality. If we are moving forward in a society, you are feeling stronger as a woman, and you want to be taken more seriously. You don't have to take away the wonderful traits that come with being a woman: We are sensitive. We are pleasers. We're empathetic. All those things that can keep you from asking for what you want or making mistakes."
  • Her typical day: "Wake up. I take Pippi on a running hike. I'll probably do Pilates or something. Then I'll hang out with a friend to count down the hours of my wasteful life. Then I watch TV, and then I'll go to bed."
  • Her Valentine's Day hangout with comedian Aziz Ansari: "It was the one night I could see Aziz. For Valentine's he got me a stuffed animal, and I got him a 'That's So Raven' Valentine's Day card."

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