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/ Source: TODAY
By Brittany Loggins

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If you've ever wondered how Jennifer Garner gets ready for the big screen, the answer is clear: a lot of hard work, some funny business on a trampoline with hand weights — and loads of coffee.

The actress posted a short clip on Instagram of what it's taking to get her in shape for an upcoming action movie, and it's a slew of high kicks, jumping, boxing and more.

On top of stunt work, Garner credited Body By Simone, a workout regimen founded by Simone De La Rue, with helping whip her into shape. (Pssst, if you're interested in trying that workout yourself, you can try one of De La Rue's DVD's at home!)

Body By Simone: The Signature Classes DVD, $25, Amazon

Body By Simone

The work doesn't stop at the gym. Garner revealed that she also does three minutes a day of cryotherapy, which involves standing in a chamber as air cooled by liquid nitrogen is pumped into the space. The air can bring the temperature to as low as minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The benefits of this practice, while unconfirmed by medical experts, has been said to remedy conditions ranging from depression, muscle soreness and aging.

We'll just sit back with the bucket of popcorn anxiously awaiting whatever movie she's getting ready for!

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