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Jenna Wolfe's ultimate secrets for the perfect workout

Jenna Wolfe shares her secrets for the picture-perfect workout scenario.
/ Source: TODAY

Yes, it's true that no two people are the same — which means your workout's going to look different than mine. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few things we can all take into account to keep us accountable to our healthiest selves. Below, I've detailed my 8 favorite "secrets" about working out. I've learned these over the years, and I hope they help you as much as they helped me!

Gorgeous brunette warming up and doing some push ups a the gym; Shutterstock ID 167044400; PO: today.comShutterstock

1. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

I know, not what you expected! But seriously, do this when you're doing crunches to follow the pros' lead. It helps you avoid straining your neck.

2. Don’t work out for more than 60 minutes.

You'll quickly discover that shorter and more energetic bursts of activity will serve you better in the long run. Don't push yourself for hours and waste your time. Instead, get that work done in shorter intervals.

3. Workout when you have the most energy.

So many people wonder why their workout's not serving them after a long day at work. You can't ask your body to give you more than it's capable of giving you. Save the movement for the time of day when it feels best.

4. Plan your workouts for the week in advance.

Giving yourself a plan isn't just helpful, it can sometimes be necessary. You'll feel far more inclined to stick to it if you didn't make the plan just that morning.

5. Twice a week, set your alarm 45 minutes earlier.

Make it a priority to work out, even if your bed's calling your name. Doing this just twice a week will make the rest of the week's workout's seem easier, and who knows? Eventually, you'll be finding it easier and easier to wake up.

6. Quality over quantity.

When it comes to exercise, keep things simple and short rather than stuffing hundreds of reps into countless hours. This is one of my favorite mantras.

7. Make every step work for you.

Eventually it becomes second nature, but try to squeeze your butt muscles wherever you walk. Trust me.

8. Remember: Just 20 minutes a day, twice a week.

That's the minimum, sure, but if you can just get that in, you're at least on your way to a healthier body and lifestyle.