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By Jenna Wolfe

As a guest trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," Jenna Wolfe taught the show's contestants this challenging workout in an episode that airs Thursday, Jan. 22. Try it at home yourself! It should take about one hour.

We all have busy lives, right? Nobody gets a free ride on this roller coaster of life. I work, I travel, I train clients, I’m a mom to a one and a half year old, I’m about to have another and despite all of that, I still work out.

I work out because I make it a priority. In life, we have the things we need to do and the things we should do, right? The problem is, we often stick “working out” in the "should-do" column and not the "need-to-do" column.

Dolvett Quince, Jenna Wolfe, Bob Harper, Jessie Pavelka, Jen Widerstrom on "The Biggest Loser."NBC / Today

You have to make working out as important as anything else in your life. What’s more important than your health? Nothing. Not your job, not your family, not your money. Without your health, you have nothing.

And when it seems impossible, it's important to remember that you're the most important person in your life. You're the reason everything around you works. So, repeat to yourself; "I can, and I will."

Here's the workout in full:

To warm up: Try this master warm-up pyramid

100 jogs in place: Right side plus left side = 1 rep.

90 jumping jacks: 


80 butt kickers:

Samantha Okazaki / Today

70 mountain climbers:


60 high knees:


50 pikes:


40 push ups on knees:

Samantha Okazaki / Today

30 toy soldiers:


20 squat jumps:


10 burpies:


The workout: Go through one round of all the below moves, completing each set of moves before moving on to the next.

1. Stationary runs/crab kicks and dips:

  • 50 stationary runs left leg on low step
  • 20 stationary runs left leg on high step
  • 20 crab kicks
  • 20 crab dips
  • 50 stationary runs right on low step
  • 20 stationary runs left on high step
  • 20 crab kicks
  • 20 crab dips

Stationary runs:


Crab kicks:

Samantha Okazaki / Today

Crab dips: While in the crab-kick position (similar to a table yoga pose), lower your upper body with your arms, so your shoulders move closer to the floor.

2. Jump squats/push-up taps

Alternate between these two moves, starting with 1 jump squat and 10 push-up taps. Increase the number of jump squats by 1 and decrease the number of push-up taps by 1 until you finish with 10 jump squats and 1 push-up tap.

  • 1 jump squat/10 push-up taps 
  • 2 jump squats/9 push-up taps 
  • and so on until 10 jump squats/1 push-up taps

Jump squats:


Push-up taps: Start with a regular push-up, but once you extent your arms into the plank position, touch your right arm to your left shoulder, and then touch your left arm to your right shoulder (one push-up and one touch with each arm/shoulder = 1 rep).

3. Complete 3 rounds of these moves:

  • 15 kick drops: 2 kicks out while standing, then drop down into a squat, complete a squat thrust (or a burpie) so your chest touches the ground, and hop back up.
  • 2 minutes of upper cuts from a squat position

4. Complete 3 rounds of these moves:

  • 30 sea turtles
  • 30 mountain climbers

Sea turtles: Lying on your stomach, raise your arms and your legs off the ground. Slide your elbows back toward your feet while you slide your legs out into a v-position. Move your arms and legs back together for one rep.

Mountain climbers:


5. Bear crawls: Do 10 bear crawls: Starting on all fours, step forward with your right hand and your right foot at the same time. Immediately do the same with the left hand and foot, so that you are crawling quickly, like a bear.

6. High knees/out-ins

Alternating between these moves, starting with 10 of each and decreasing the out-ins by 1 each round until you are down to 10 high knees/1 out-in.

High knees:


Out-ins: Get into a forearm plank position, jump your legs out, then in. That’s 1 rep. Make sure your back is straight and your butt isn’t sticking up in the air. 

  • 10 high knees/10 out ins
  • 10 high knees/9 out ins
  • Continue down to 10 high knees/1 out ins

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