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James Corden, Jennifer Garner talk to Oprah about weight loss and wellness

The two stars sat down with Oprah Winfrey for the WW Your Life in Focus virtual event.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Garner and James Corden were two of the many guests during last Friday's "Be The Love You Need" virtual event with WW hosted by Oprah Winfrey.

Garner sat down with the talk show host early on in the event to discuss her wellness journey during the pandemic, especially when it came to seeking out and sharing joy.

“It just felt like I need it and the best way to manifest it for yourself is to share it,” she told Winfrey. “Luckily, there are all these great ladies out there to share it with and it’s a virtuous cycle.”

“I think everyone has moments where you are not on the top of your to-do list, but there are a couple of things," Garner continued. "One, I always move my body and that is for me, that’s for my brain, my happiness, I know that you’re one step away from a good mood. And so no matter what, one way or another, I move. And for me, that’s often like dance cardio."

She continued, telling Winfrey one of her mantras, "And the other is that when I am overwhelmed, I put myself first by saying, ‘Go gentle on yourself. You don’t have to be everything to everyone and you don’t have to even be everything to yourself right now. Just never hurry, never worry, one step at a time and just remove guilt from the situation.'"

“Even guilt for yourself, like I’m not doing enough for myself today," Garner said. "Sometimes you aren’t, but remove the guilt from it. That’s a big step.”

Later in the virtual event, Corden opened up about his own wellness journey, centered around his goal to live a healthier lifestyle. The late-night host went into detail with Winfrey about how weight loss is a different experience for men and women.

“I think as a man, it’s historically seen as it isn’t very sexy to say that you’re on a diet, or it's not very manly somehow to want to make changes in your own health because men drink beer and we go out and it doesn’t matter what you look like,” he said. “I think it’s the single most positive and sexy thing you can do, to say ‘I would like to be a bit healthier. I would like to be a healthier presence in my family, for my children. And I would like to feel better.’”

Corden, who started his new journey on Jan. 2, said he has found the past few weeks “incredibly transformative” and has been able to enjoy it more than he has enjoyed a diet ever before. So far, he has lost 16 pounds using the WW program coupled with some exercise.

“I’ve been doing some exercise, which I hate,” he said. “I just can’t bear it, so I’m using the word hate. But my wife is so good at it. My wife is actually planning a little circuit for us after this. And we do it together and we do some weights and these little runs and I moan about it constantly, and then I have to begrudgingly say later that afternoon that I do feel better about myself.”

Early last month as part of a new WW campaign, Corden opened up about some of the changes he wanted to make in his life at the start of the new year.

"I want to change the way that I live,” he said in a press release. “I want to be better for my children and for my family. I don't want to wake up tired, or feel embarrassed when I'm chasing my son on the soccer field and out of breath after three minutes. The weight is not the issue, it's the wellness of it I am ready to tackle. I'm going to take this year and work towards getting healthy.”