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Jacqueline Bisset, Jane Seymour on aging: Natural beauty, not Botox

They have been in Hollywood for more than 40 years, and in this age of obsession over appearance and looking young, two award-winning actresses are shining examples of aging gracefully with natural beauty, not Botox.

Jacqueline Bisset and Jane Seymour talked wrinkles and their dislike of plastic surgery with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on Tuesday as part of TODAY’s “Love Your Selfie” series.

Bisset says she didn’t appreciate her good looks when she was in her 20s and 30s and like so many women she had “lots of complexes.” As she grew older though, she has stayed away from surgically altering her appearance.

“I don’t think it makes you look younger,” she said. “I think it makes you different.

“You’ve got to get used to yourself, you have to face yourself,” Bisset said. “On a deep, deep level you have to face yourself and say that people love ME, the inside of me … it took me my life (to get there).

"I need my wrinkles"
Seymour, who had surgery on her eyes and breasts about 25 years ago and was photographed looking great in a bikini during a New Year’s vacation, says she avoids Botox. She has said she in previous interviews that she tried Botox once years ago but didn’t like it.

“I need my wrinkles,” she said on TODAY, adding that she plays a woman her own age in the upcoming movie “Bereave.” 

“I was so happy to have everything moving and all the wrinkles were readily available,” Seymour said.

Both women shared feelings that are familiar to many.

Has Bisset ever felt invisible?

“For sure, absolutely,” she said. “Yes, it cuts off at around 50.”

And Seymour agreed that she too wished some of her features were better, most notably the bags under her eyes she said she inherited from her father. But, she offered a remedy.

“If I smile, I look younger,” Seymour said. “Smiling is the answer, and being happy, that’s what it’s all about. Everything lifts when you do that.”

Bisset, who called forgiving yourself and others “the best beauty treatment” in her Golden Globes acceptance speech last month, talked about inner beauty.

“It’s what’s inside and being able to let go and realizing that life is kind of like a wave,” she said. “You have your highs and your lows. If you can live in the present moment and be open to it I think you can have a really rich life.”

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