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Carson tried to get Hoda to cheat on J.Lo's diet challenge — here's what happened

J.Lo wants to make sure Hoda sticks to the no-carb, no-sugar diet challenge, and she's willing to pay up to ensure it happens.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Lopez isn't letting Carson Daly ruin Hoda Kotb's 10-day diet challenge — and she's reaching into her wallet to prove it.

On TODAY Wednesday, Carson tried tempting Hoda with an offer to donate $5,000 to her favorite charity if she ditched J.Lo's no-carb, no-sugar challenge for just one bite of a scrumptious crumb cake.

Hoda refused the sweet treat and vowed to donate the money out of her own pocket, with Carson then offering to match it.

Later that day, J.Lo shared a video of the segment on Instagram to announce she and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez would match both donations — $10,000! — to celebrate that Hoda stuck to her guns.

"When you stand for something, you make beautiful things happen. Alex and I will match your donation @carsondaly @hodakotb! A lot can happen in 10 days," Lopez wrote.

"By the way, is it me, or does Hoda look amazing?!" she added.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez will match Hoda and Carson's charity donations to celebrate that fact that Hoda's sticking to the couple's 10-day no-carb, no-sugar diet challenge.Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Hoda responded to Lopez, writing, "Love you two!!" She also revealed her charity of choice was Groove With Me, a Harlem-based youth development organization that offers free dance classes to "future J.Los."

Last Thursday, Lopez announced she and Rodriguez were cutting carbs and sugar from their diet for 10 days — and they invited a few famous friends, including Hoda, to join them.

Hoda accepted the challenge on the air and suggested to her TODAY colleagues, Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, Carson Daly and Al Roker, "We should all do this together."

"I'm already doing this," Al, who's been following a keto diet for months now, said.

Carson decided to accept J.Lo's challenge, too, but quit after just a few hours. What did him in? The delights of his sister Quinn's signature dish: a savory chicken potpie.

"I thought it would be easier, because I don't eat a ton of carbs anyway, and ... there's just a lot of sugar in everything, it turns out,'' Carson revealed Monday on the show. "So when you start making these micro decisions in the day, you're like, 'This sucks. My life sucks now.'"

Though Carson couldn't cut it, we're betting on Hoda to last the whole 10 days!