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Ugh! It happened to me: women share their most awkward gym moments

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Farting, Ripping, Falling, Awkward Gym Moments

Treadmill tumbles

I finished my treadmill workout and put the machine on pause while I went to find a towel to clean off the machine. Not knowing the machine resumes after pausing for 60 seconds, I didn’t notice it had started back up. As I stepped on the belt, my feet came flying out from underneath me and I shot backwards feet first, then came slamming down onto the treadmill. I tried to get up as fast as I could as the machine was rolling over my body and people were looking at me in complete disbelief. Only one person offered to help me and see if I was alright. To make matters worse, a friend of my father’s watched the whole thing and told him about her fiasco. Not to mention, he wasn’t the one to come see if I was alright!—Kellie B., 28, of Norwalk, Conn.

While was running on a treadmill, I turned my head to talk to my friend on the next treadmill. I felt myself lose my balance—it felt like vertigo—and suddenly I tilted and flew off the back of the treadmill and landed on the ground. Luckily, I was not injured. I have never repeated that mistake again. I learned that I have to look straight ahead to run!—Joanna N., 49, of Bellingham, Wash.

Zumba malfunction

Jumping around to a vigorous dance routine is not the best time to pop a bra strap, but that’s exactly what happened to me. My bra strap come undone (the adjustable strap unhooked) in the middle of a Zumba routine and I couldn't get the bra back together. I had to ask someone else in the class to help me, and it wasn't even one of my Zumba friends. Since the incident, I make sure when doing laundry that my bras are securely hooked together. Those sports bras can be tricky!—Tracy B., 45, Santa Clara, Calif.

Yoga toot

The food you eat before your workout can make or break your results—and determine whether or not you can show your face at the same gym ever again. A few years ago, I ate a bowl of black bean soup the morning prior to my first yoga class. As I was mid-pose, I accidentally passed gas. It wasn't too terribly loud, but it was quite smelly. When the woman next to me flashed a look, I tried to pass it off as if the woman in front of me did it, but the woman was on to me. She shook her head at me, signaling that she knew that it was me. I was mortified…and never returned to that gym!—Maria P., Jersey City, N.J.

Feminine hijinks

I left the free weight room to work out on machines. About 10 minutes later I noticed I’d lost my water bottle and went back to the bench where I started. That’s when I found my spare tampon sitting in the middle of the floor! As the only woman in the room, it was obvious it belonged to me. The tampon had apparently fallen out of my pocket and rolled across the floor away from the bench, making all the guys step around it. The incident actually inspired me to create and patent a portable pocket,, to help others avoid such embarrassment.—Kendra K., 47, Chicago. Ill.

Hitting the wall

I didn’t expect a crowd of serious bodybuilders in the weight-lifting section of the gym at 9 p.m. As I walked through the gym to fill my water bottle, I was so busy gazing at the muscular scenery that I walked face first into a stucco wall. Luckily, they were more focused on pumping weights than even noticing little ol’ me!—Stacey R., 45, Los Angeles, Calif.

Belly flop

I felt my core strength could handle just about any challenge. So when my boyfriend, John, demonstrated how to use an ab wheel at our local gym, I was game. I outstretched my arms with the wheel over my head, and then tried to reverse the motion. That's when I felt my shoulders tremble and fell flat on my face, chest and stomach—hard. It was a complete belly and body flop. My boyfriend and I laughed it off but I avoid the ab wheel to this day, even though I could probably do it now.—Tara G., 32, of Merchantville, N.J.

The naked truth

It’s bad enough when you accidentally lock your key in the trunk of your car. Imagine doing the same with your locker key…in your locker…with all of your clothes. I was standing naked after my shower and realized I’d left my locker key in my locker. I had only a towel around myself and had to walk through the gym to the front desk and wait until they could find a spare key. It took about 30 minutes for them to finally open the locker, during which time no one offered me clothes! The whole thing was like a bad dream.—Christy C., 44, of Albuquerque, N. Mex.

Oh, the suspense!

The TRX Suspension workout system requires a bit of balance and know-how, which was not a problem for me. After checking all the hooks were securely fastened on the machine, I grabbed one handle to perform a row—I grasped the handle, pulled it back and then proceeded to lower it. Only, I ended up losing my grip and flying backward, landing on my back right into the leg extension machine. It hurt so bad that nearby guys had to stop and lift me up. I felt so silly, but thankfully was not hurt.—Marta M., Miami, Fla.

Balancing act fail

While I was performing a chest press with dumbbells on a fitness fall—a move I’ve done many times in the past—I suddenly slipped off the ball and onto the fall, dropping one of the weights directly on my hand. It caught me by surprise! I sat on the floor for a moment feeling the impact of the fall and wondering what happened. What was I to do? I quickly repositioned myself and continued with my presses like nothing happened.—Susan J., Boston, Mass.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.