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'Raw emotion': Interabled couple share beautiful wedding day photos

Charisma Jamison and Cole Sydnor, who document their relationship on their YouTube channel, married in November after nearly three years together.
Ashley Peterson Photography

Hundreds of thousands of fans know Cole Sydnor and Charisma Jamison from their YouTube channel, "Roll with Cole & Charisma." When the couple celebrated their wedding in a beautiful, private ceremony in early November, that audience only grew. Now, the wedding photos have gone viral.

"I think the photos really showed the raw emotion and captured the very special moments (of the wedding)," Jamison told TODAY. "To have pictures that actually captured the true love and the emotions from that moment was awesome for us and for everyone else."

Cole and Charisma marry in November wedding
Charisma Jamison said that the wedding photos captured the "raw emotion" of the day. Ashley Peterson Photography

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Sydnor, who broke his neck during an accident in 2011 and was rendered a quadriplegic, said the celebration was "perfect." The couple's wedding video, shared on their YouTube channel, has also gotten a great response: It's one of their most popular videos, garnering nearly a million views.

Sydnor and Jamison first met three years ago in what he calls a "very millennial meeting story."

"We met at a hospital where I would go in to work out. I was doing a community-based program, and Charisma worked with patients. Even though we were in the same space, I was never her patient. I always make sure to tell anyone we didn't break any laws!" Sydnor joked. "My therapist knew that I was single and looking to mingle, and that Charisma was as well."

After the therapist connected the two and they met at a charity gala to support the hospital, the relationship took to social media.

"She followed me on Instagram and I was like, 'Oh, maybe she has some interest,' and I followed her back," Sydnor explained. "We went back and forth and then I slid into the DMs. The rest is history."

Cole and Charisma marry in November wedding
Ashley Peterson Photography

After a year and a half of dating, the pair were engaged. After another year, they decided they were ready to get married — but the coronavirus pandemic led to some changes to the big day.

"We definitely cut the guest list, narrowing the numbers down dramatically," Jamison said. "We just had immediate family and the friends that we see that are in our circle. It was very small and outdoors. We all distanced before the wedding, after the wedding, and during the wedding. We had masks, we did temperature checks. We took a lot of precautions."

Sydnor said that he and other guests are immunocompromised, making safety measures even more important.

"It was definitely something that we were very nervous about and very conscientious of," Sydnor explained. "I'm immunocompromised. I have friends who are, we wanted to be careful with our grandparents as well. We were very, very worried about it and it's something that we took very seriously and fortunately, nobody has had any symptoms or other issues whatsoever. We are very grateful and feel blessed for that."

Cole and Charisma marry in November wedding
The small wedding involved serious precautions. Ashley Peterson Photography

Now, the couple is doing everything they can to stay safe during the pandemic and hoping to eventually go on their dream honeymoon.

"We want to go to New Zealand, and obviously that's just not going to happen right now," Jamison said. "We are going to wait for things to get better."

The pair have also already taken their next steps as a married couple: In a video posted in late November, they announced they had adopted a goldendoodle named Sophie, who will be Sydnor’s service dog.

“Charisma and I have been chomping at the bit for this day to come,” Sydnor said in the video. “… We just love dogs and we want that love and energy in our house.”