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Online interviews were conducted from Jan. 24-31, 2014 among a nationally representative sample of 2,059 online adults ages 18+ and 200 online teens ages 16-17.

The margin of error for the total sample is +/- 1.9% at the 95% confidence level.

The margin of error for the following sub-samples is:

  • Adult males: +/- 3.0% at the 95% confidence level
  • Adult females: +/- 2.9% at the 95% confidence level
  • Teen boys/teen girls: +/- 9.8% at the 95% confidence level

The survey was administered to any person age 16 or older. Additional screening was used to cap gender, age, and region to nationally representative proportions.

Where appropriate, answer choices were rotated, eliminating potentially biases from the sequencing of answers.

Statistical testing was conducted at the 95% confidence level among the following groups:

  • Adult men and women
  • Teen boys and girls
  • Generations: Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers

The study was fielded via online survey by Bellomy Research, an independent research company based in North Carolina.

Online sample was provided by ClearVoice, Critical Mix, and uSamp.