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Online interviews were conducted from July 21-23, 2014 among a sample of 1,470 online adults ages 45-69. There were 3 sub-groups: 482 age 45-49, 492 age 50-59 and 496 age 60-69.

Within each age subgroup there were nationally representative proportions of men and women, household incomes over $100k, African Americans, Hispanics and the 4 Census regions.

The following are the margins of error:

  • For each age subgroup (45-49, 50-59, 60-69): +/- 4.5 percentage points
  • For men and women within each age sub-group: +/- 6.3 percentage points
  • For 988 total age 50-69: +/- 3.2 percentage points

All cited differences between groups are significant at the 95% confidence level.

The survey was administered to any person age 45-69. Samples for each of the three age sub-groups were capped at 500. Additionally, within each age group, caps were set for gender, household income, ethnicity and regional quotas.

Where appropriate, answer choices were rotated, eliminating potentially biases from the sequencing of answers.

The study was fielded via online survey by SSI, the premier global provider of sampling, data collection and data analytic solutions for consumer and business-to-business survey research, reaching respondents in 86 countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 25 offices in 18 countries, offering CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s 3,300 employees serve more than 3,000 clients worldwide. Visit SSI at