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How strong is your relationship? Take our quiz to find out

Relationship expert Siggy Flicker chats about how you can re-assess your relationships this year. Take the quiz and use the scoring system below to get an idea on how strong your relationship is today. 


Give yourself 5 points for each A; 10 points for each B; and 20 points for each C.

A score of 90-120: You’re cruising together! Your high score means that you and your partner are positively aligned in the key areas of compatibility. All signs are good that you can go the distance.

A score of 50-90: You may need engine maintenance. You have a lot of strengths as a couple and secure common ground, but there are some areas you need to keep an eye on as you continue to grow together. Don’t take your future for granted—be prepared for necessary tune ups.

A score 30-50: It’s a clunker. Your long-term compatibility is very questionable. You two don’t have enough in common and enough of a foundation to move the relationship forward. If you stay together you’ll likely be facing a lot of problems and run out of gas sooner rather than later.