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How to save the life of someone who's drowning

/ Source: TODAY

Every day, 10 people die from accidental drownings. For kids 1 to 4 years old, it's the No. 1 killer. Could you spot someone who's drowning? If you did, would you know what to do?

Certified lifeguard Jeff Thompson showed TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen how to save the life of someone who's drowning:

  1. Scream for someone to call 911.
  2. Never jump in the pool after someone in the water, because they can pull you under. "Use something like a skimmer or something long you can find around the house to bring them to the side," Thompson said.
  3. Grab them by the wrists and pull them up out of the water.
  4. Roll them over check their airway and their breathing. If necessary, start CPR.

How to spot someone drowning: Know the danger signs

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