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How to motivate for a workout (especially when the couch is calling)

Don’t want to work out today? Why? Oh, just not in the mood? You may think it’s no big deal to skip the gym a day or two but problem is, once you start taking time off because of some lame excuse, it becomes easier to do it the next time… and the time after that… and before you know it you’re 10 pounds heavier and can’t remember the last time you put on your sneakers.

What you have to do is prevent yourself from failing. Here are three things you can do to make sure you never have a reason to not hit the gym.

Find a workout buddy
Look for someone at your level so one person isn't too far advanced. Ideally, your partner can also help you get your diet in line, by sharing food journals. When I was losing my baby weight, I shared my food journal with three friends, which really kept me on track. 

Pack your gym bag the night before
Trying to get out the door in the morning is hard enough without digging through a laundry basket, searching for clean workout clothes. So take a few minutes before you go to bed to pack a workout bag—or put them out on the end of your bed. Just grab and go!

Download new music
Working out to music makes exercise feel easier, a number of studies show. Your perceived exertion—the level of difficulty you feel—actually seems lower when you listen to tunes. Plus, it’s easier to get going when you know you have new music cued and ready to go!

No more excuses! 

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