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How many glasses of wine does it take to ruin your diet? Experts weigh in

If you're wondering how to balance your healthy lifestyle, stay fit and still have fun, we've got the solution for you.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It is always a challenge to balance a healthy lifestyle, stay fit and still have fun. The good news is that you can still enjoy yourself — even have a couple cocktails and continue to stay on track.

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The trick is to follow just a few guidelines:

1. Always drink water between each cocktail or glass of wine.

We like to start the night with a couple glasses of sparkling water with lemon. Then we’ll make sure we always have water available.

You can also make wine spritzers with equal parts wine and sparkling water, cutting the calories and drink in half!

2. Enjoy one or two glasses of wine, a couple times a week.

If you’re on vacation, it’s fine to have a few more cocktails if you wish, just be sure to get back on track when you come home!

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3. Be sure to eat a healthy dinner before you enjoy cocktails!

Combining lean protein, healthy fats and tons of green veggies is a great way to fuel up so you feel good all night long.

4. Choose wine, champagne or TIU-approved cocktails when you can.

Avoid shots or drinks made with sugary mixers. You’ll be so much more energized for your Tone It Up BootyCall — that early morning sweat session!

This story was originally published in November 2015.

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the founders of Tone It Up — a fitness and lifestyle brand. They are certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches and best friends. Karena and Katrina have taken the world by storm with their fun, quirky and energetic approach to fitness and have built a vibrant community based around friendship, accountability, motivation, and inspiration. To learn more, follow them on and @ToneItUp.