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Meet 3 women who lost weight in 3 months with Drop 10 TODAY

For the past three months TODAY viewers have been following along with the Drop 10 TODAY plan. See how they did!
/ Source: TODAY

For three months, TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer and Dr. Mehmet Oz have been encouraging us all to get healthy and fit for the official start of summer with their Drop 10 TODAY plan. Well, summer's finally here, and how did you do?

Meet three TODAY viewers who followed the plan and dropped close to 10 pounds or more!

Two of them shared their favorite parts of the plan:

Three months of tasty, Joy Bauer-approved foods and she's down 28 pounds!
Three months of tasty, Joy Bauer-approved foods and she's down 28 pounds!TODAY

"What I love about this plan is that I'm not hungry," said Julie, from Seattle, who lost 28 pounds!

Her advice: "Keep it fresh and fun. You'll find that you can lose, eat good food and have fun at the same time. It is possible."

Doesn't she look great?
Doesn't she look great?TODAY

Adrienne lost 13 pounds.

Her advice: "Stick with that amazing bikini water, it is essential to your success!"

And of course, it's never too late to start! You can still follow Joy's Drop 10 TODAY plan now!

Now that summer is here, follow more of Joy's tips to stay on the healthy track despite whatever temptations get in your way, wherever you might be:

1. Amusement park

Share your high-calorie foods with other people. Everything is super-sized at these places! Eat before you get there, so that you're not hungry and tempted by junk food. Finally, walk around! Use a fitness tracker to motivate yourself to get your steps in.

Slimming swaps:

  • Skip the funnel cake (760 calories for 8.3 ounces); choose cotton candy (175 calories for 2-ounce serving)
  • Skip snow cones (250 calories for 3 ounces of syrup); choose an ice pop (40-80 calories for large red, white and blue ice pop)
  • Skip the milkshake (850 calories for 16 ounces); choose a slushy (200 calories for 12 ounces)

2. Ball game

Walk around and stretch at the 7th inning. Alternate between drinking beer and water, and opt for light beer.

Slimming swaps:

  • Skip soft NY-style pretzel (630 calories); choose small soft serve ice cream cone (190 calories)
  • Skip jumbo popcorn (2,310 calories); choose bagged elephant peanuts (160 calories for 28 peanuts — bring the rest home or share with companion)
  • Skip cheese fries (1,341 calories); choose chicken tenders (700 calories)

3. BBQ

Always bring a healthy option as a hostess gift. Assess what is being offered and figure out what is worth the splurge. For anything super indulgent, follow the two-bite rule.

Slimming swaps:

  • Skip fatty beef: T-bone steak, wings (on average 800 calories for 8 ounces); choose: grilled London broil top sirloin, chicken breast and thighs (on average 280 or 300 calories for 8 ounces)
  • Skip half rack of pork ribs (550 calories); choose a 4-ounce cooked burger with half a bun (360 calories)
  • Skip coleslaw (290 calories for 1 cup); choose corn on the cob (130 calories for one ear and one pat of butter)

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