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Here's how Hoda Kotb stays positive during the coronavirus pandemic

Hoda says it's important to keep focusing on the "little things."
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY co-anchor Hoda Kotb has managed to remain upbeat while reporting on the coronavirus each day. How does she do it?

“What are you doing to stay happy and positive, ‘cause you’re doing something?” TODAY with Hoda & Jenna co-host Jenna Bush Hager asked her Tuesday.

Hoda, who has discussed having a gratitude journal to remind her why she should be thankful, says daughters Haley and Hope have helped her keep things in perspective.

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“I feel like I have a news lane and then I have my life lane,” Hoda replied. “And using my life lane starts at 10 with you and then goes on into my family. Kids make you live in the moment ‘cause they just do. And I’ve been trying really hard to listen to what they’re doing.”

Hoda also said she’s remembered the words of Rabbi Steve Leder, who was a guest on Monday’s show.

“I came home yesterday and was thinking about all that’s going on and you can really let your mind go, but again, what Rabbi Leder said yesterday — I thought about this, too — think about your past trauma,” she said. “You felt this before. It’s been in another form. You lost a loved one. You’ve had an illness. You know what pain feels like. This is that same feeling.”

Hoda said she’s managed to find a sliver of joy in what otherwise would be moments we don’t think much about.

“Doing mundane things and making them fun has been something we did,” she said before talking about how she and Haley opened up shirts she ordered from Amazon. Hoda said they played a game where they tried to guess what color the shirts were that she ordered.

“She’s like, ‘Is this an adventure?’” Hoda said.

“Little things, living in the moment, are important, I think, for us,” she added.

Hoda has not been afraid to show her emotions while covering the coronavirus. Last week, she needed to collect herself after speaking with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees about the toll the virus has taken in that city.

"I'm sorry," she said, taking a moment to gather herself.

"Hoda, I know it's a lot," Savannah Guthrie told her. "Hoda, I'm so sorry, hon. Take a moment. It's a lot. I know where your heart is, my dear, I do."