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60-second energy boosters to get you through the day

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? Start with these tips!
/ Source: TODAY

Feeling drained and exhausted? There are ways to boost your energy in 60 seconds or less! Whether you haven’t had a great night’s sleep, suffer from the mid-afternoon slump or you’re tired at night from a day-long meeting, try these tricks next time you need a reboot!

1. Morning energy booster: goddess pose

When your alarm clock goes off, think of this as an opportunity clock rather than an alarm that shocks your system into overdrive. Instead of jumping out of bed and starting your day on autopilot, get more energy by doing goddess pose for 60 seconds.

When you get out of bed in the morning, stand up and open your legs wide. Then bend your knees gently into a half squat. Bend your elbows and point your hands up to the sky. Slowly come back up to standing position and raise the arms up. Repeat this for 60 seconds.

This full-body pose is energizing because it works your major muscle groups, plus it loosens up your hips and upper body. If you go fast, it will also increase your heart rate and give an energy jolt to get you moving. If you have knee or joint issues, you can modify this to bend your knees less and still get a similar energizing effect.

2. Afternoon energy booster: desk stretches

If you've been stuck at your desk all day, this one is for you. While you're sitting on your chair, march in place. This is so discreet! You'll improve your circulation (which increases your energy) and burn some calories while you're at it. Get your blood flowing even more by getting the arms in on the action: by raising your arms up over your head, you'll be increasing your heart rate which ramps up your energy levels.

If you're in a meeting and can't move a lot, just reach your arms out to the sides and up, clasp your hands above your head, and take deep breaths. This overhead yoga pose is perfect for opening up your lungs, chest and muscles in the front of the body, which will allow you to breathe deeper. More oxygen equals more energy!

3. Evening energy boosters

Before kicking your feet up for the night, sit on the edge of the couch and sit up tall. Pull your naval in towards your spine, and then lift your feet up off of the floor. Glue your legs together and bring your knees in towards your chest, and then tap your feet down towards the ground. Do this reverse crunch for 60 seconds. By firing up your core with the reverse crunch, you're activating your muscles and awakening your body before you relax on the couch. You'll instantly feel tighter in the mid-section.

If you're feeling energized and ready to do more, this is the perfect place to turn around and do some push-ups! Put your hands on the couch and go into a push-up position. Go down halfway or all the way into a push-up, and repeat for 60 seconds. This move challenges multiple muscles at the same time, so your heart will be pumping faster which will increase your energy. Try out these techniques the next time you’re looking for a boost!

Stephanie Mansour is a lifestyle and weight-loss coach for women. Join her weight-loss challenge here!