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How far is too far to go in front of your partner when it comes to personal hygiene?

After hearing that the average woman goes four weeks before ditching her makeup in front of someone she's dating, Kathie Lee and Hoda decided to find out when it's ok to get around to the other aspects of personal hygiene.

First they debated when it's ok to brush your teeth and floss (Hoda didn't see what the big deal would be, while KLG said if you were already there, there had likely "been a sleepover"), before moving on to other topics.

Such as, at what point do you use un-sexy products like acne medicine, dandruff shampoo, and hemorrhoid cream?

KLG couldn’t get over the products being listed, especially hemorrhoid cream. “I have never used it, but God forbid, I would go someplace and apply it privately," she said.

Hoda decided to dig a little deeper into KLG’s level of comfort, asking, “When do you let them know that you need it?”

“You don’t. It’s a no-fly zone. You don’t get there,” KLG said.

Unsatsified, Hoda took it even further: “What about passing gas?”

“You never do it,” KLG stated.

When Hoda questioned if she'd ever done it in front of Frank, KLG stayed strong. “Stop it!" KLG cried. "I have not. There are certain things, I would rather die.”

The questions just kept coming. “What about going to the bathroom?” Hoda asked, noting she can think of a few exceptions when the practice would be ok.

But for KLG, it's a no-go: “Pee in a plant, someplace else!”

Or what about leaving the door to the bathroom open?

“No,” said KLG. “Have a little mystery, people! Although the fart stuff is funny."

Tell us: What are you too shy to do in front of your significant other?