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Is your current partner 'The One'? Here's how to find out

How do you know when you're in a relationship that will last? One expert says she knows the answer — it's in the form of another question.
/ Source: TODAY

Relationships can come and go, so how do you know when you're in the one that will last?

That's tricky question, but one relationship expert believes she knows the answer — and it comes in the form of another question: "If I had to become someone else, would I love to be this person or run a mile?"

In other words, are you so fond of your partner that the idea of actually being them is appealing, or would the thought send you packing? That's what sex and relationship specialist Tracey Cox revealed as the all-important point in a piece she wrote in The Daily Mail.

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The reason behind the question goes beyond the theoretical. According to Cox, you're bound to take on some of your partner's characteristics over the years.

"Studies show the people we fall in love with can change us in many ways — some good, some not so good," she explained. "We might think we're strongly-defined characters and not easily influenced, but [it] turns out each of the people we have significant relationships with leave their mark on our personalities, habits and attitudes."

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So if you like the idea of adopting your partner's personality — or at least parts of it — then you're more likely to remain happy and go the distance, rather than running a great distance in the other direction.

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