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Here's why Oscar nominee Florence Pugh has that raspy voice

The "Little Women" star said she frequently went to the hospital as a child due to a medical condition that can cause it.
/ Source: TODAY

It's not only her talent that makes Oscar nominee Florence Pugh seem older than 24, it's also her mature, raspy voice that can be heard in movies like "Midsommar" and "Fighting with My Family."

Pugh, who scored a best supporting actress nomination on Monday for her role in "Little Women," actually spent plenty of time in hospitals as a child due to the condition she said causes her voice to sound that way.

Image: Little Women Photocall
Oscar nominee Florence Pugh's uncommonly raspy voice is the result of a medical condition known as tracheomalacia. Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

She told Vogue that she has tracheomalacia, which is when the trachea narrows or collapses while breathing, which can cause rattling or noisy breathing, frequent bronchitis, a noisy cough and respiratory infections, according to Boston Children's Hospital.

Her unnerving, throaty sobbing in the Swedish pagan horror movie "Midsommar" partially came from the effects of her condition, she said, which can cause a halt in breathing when crying.

Pugh's tracheomalacia resulted in frequent hospital trips as a toddler and prompted her family to move from England to Spain to help with her condition, according to Vogue.

Tracheomalacia can often be misdiagnosed as asthma, recurrent croup or noisy breathing, according to Boston Children's Hospital. It can improve on its own, although it does remain severe for some children.

Pugh's condition has improved and now it mainly comes out through "a very scary cough," she told Vogue.

It also gave her a mature singing voice when she was still a teen, which can be heard on her old YouTube videos in which she sings acoustic covers of songs by artists like Oasis and Jack Johnson under the name "Flossie Rose."

Fans will get a double dose of deep, smoky voices when Pugh teams up with fellow Oscar nominee Scarlett Johansson in this year's "Black Widow." Pugh will play Yelena, the sidekick to Johansson's title character who has appeared in multiple "Avengers" films and other Marvel movies.