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YouTuber Grace Helbig, 37, reveals she has breast cancer: ‘It’s very shocking’

Helbig said her doctors have assured her the cancer is "super treatable."
/ Source: TODAY

YouTube star Grace Helbig has revealed that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The actor and comedian shared the news in a video on her YouTube channel and Instagram. "It's very shocking. It's very surreal. It doesn't sound real, but it's real," said Helbig, who told viewers she was diagnosed "about a month ago."

(Warning: Helbig's video contains profanity.)

Helbig said that she was diagnosed with triple-positive breast tumors, which means the tumors are HER2-positive, ER-positive, and PR-positive, according to the American Cancer Society.

The internet personality said every medical professional she's consulted has assured her that her form of breast cancer is "super treatable."

"It is highly beatable. We are going for cure, not remission here, which is exciting, encouraging, helpful, good," she said.

Helbig explained that several months ago she discovered a lump in her left breast, which she mentioned to her gynecologist during her annual exam.

"I really had to talk myself into bringing it up to her in the appointment because I thought I was just a stupid little girl that didn’t know how girl bodies worked,” she said. “Thank God I listened to that little voice inside of me that finally got the courage to bring it up to her because she also thought it was abnormal."

The gynecologist ordered a mammogram. That was followed by an ultrasound, a biopsy of the lump and, finally, an official diagnosis.

Helbig’s treatment plan will consist of six months of chemotherapy, followed by surgery and hormonal therapy. “It’s a very clear treatment plan, which is very helpful for me,” she said.

The comedian told viewers she had already had a port placed in her arm that will allow her to receive chemo. She jokingly likened the port to “a Roomba in a charging station.”

Later in her video, Helbig revealed that humor has been helping her to process her diagnosis. “Laughing feels like it helps me to breathe within a situation that I feel like I’m holding my breath," she said. "This is a very serious situation, I know that. But there’s also some humor to be found here."

She added, “I mean, the joke’s not lost on me that I’ve spent 15 years not using my boobs to get attention on the internet and yet here we are."

Helbig spoke with gratitude about the support she has received from her loved ones, including her husband, fellow comedian Elliott Morgan.

"Elliott and I got married last fall, and I really cashed in on the 'in sickness and in health' part of our vows," she quipped.

She also urged viewers to get any unusual lumps checked out, and to not be afraid to ask doctors "stupid" questions about any changes in their bodies.