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Craig Melvin and family have tested positive for COVID: ‘This is work’

The TODAY co-host is on the mend at home with his wife and two children.

Craig Melvin and his family are spending some unexpected time at home as they recover from COVID-19.

The TODAY co-host called into the 3rd Hour of TODAY on Tuesday to share an update on his condition and revealed that his wife, Lindsay Czarniak, and their two children, son Delano, 8, and daughter, Sybil, 5, also tested positive.

Craig's co-hosts were surprised to hear from him while he was out sick, but happy to see that he appears to be doing OK.

"Our producers can be very persuasive," he joked about his decision to call in to the show.

The father of two said his family is vaccinated and boosted and is "doing all right," adding that their mild symptoms include cough and fatigue.

"Compared to what some other folks are dealing with, it’s not that bad," he shared.

Staying home while you’re sick is never fun, but when you add two young children into the mix, it certainly complicates things.

“Let me tell you something, you get small kids stuck in a house all day, multiple days, and they’re a little sick, and you’re a little sick, your wife’s a little sick, this is work,” Craig said.

The TODAY anchor said his family has been watching a lot of TV and movies, in particular, anything his kids want to watch. They’ve also spent some time in their backyard to break up the days.

Having a bit of extra time at home has allowed Craig to exercise his green thumb and tend to a fig plant in his bedroom.

“I noticed it started to look a little less healthy than it had. I thought it had COVID, as well,” he joked. “So I FaceTimed in a friend of mine, and we realized that the ... plant had been overwatered.”

At this point in the conversation, TODAY co-host Dylan Dreyer took the chance to inform Craig that her married name, Fichera, means fig tree.

“Just so you know, the next time you look at that fig tree in your bedroom you’ll always think of me,” she quipped.

“That’s what I want,” Craig said with a smirk after a laughing-coughing fit. 

When Dylan sneezed during the segment, Craig teased that she could be the next one to catch COVID, and she said she just got a negative test yesterday.

Sheinelle Jones also encouraged Craig to take advantage of the quality time with his family, even if they're feeling under the weather.

"These kind of moments don't happen every day, so I'm hoping that if you guys can feel better, you can actually kind of find the silver lining in all of it because then it'll be right back to the grind when you get back," she said.

Craig agreed and said he's actually been thinking about that.

"The kids are thoroughly enjoying the sleepovers and the episodes and uninterrupted time with Mom and Dad. And truth be told, they're actually doing OK. Linds and I are the ones that have more symptoms than they do," he said.