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Al Roker has lost more weight over the past few months with 2 simple strategies

Al's low-carb diet and walking routine have made a big difference in his health.

Al Roker is living proof that a low-carb diet and a regular walking routine can have a dramatic effect on hitting long-term health goals.

The TODAY weatherman shared on Monday that he has lost "about 45 pounds" in the last "several months" by eating fewer carbohydrates and sticking to his daily walks. Al, 67, has been a major advocate of TODAY's 30-day walking plan, launched June 1.

Al shared what has worked for him after a report on TODAY by NBC News correspondent Morgan Radford, which detailed new research that found simply restricting calories may not lead to weight loss.

"Exercise, and not extreme exercise — we’re doing that 30-day walking challenge — that improves, I think, your mental health," Al said. "Combined with a low-carb diet, I’ve lost about 45 pounds in the last several months. I do about 100 grams of carbs a day and I walk."

Hoda Kotb noted that Al doesn't just walk, as he also incorporates some weight training.

Al has spearheaded TODAY's 30-day walking challenge to get more people exercising this summer, and he also shared his perfect walking playlist for a "soul stroll" for some extra inspiration. Last month, he celebrated completing a 13.1-mile half marathon in New York City in which he power-walked the entire route.

“It isn’t setting any land speed records, but it was faster than any of my training walks,” he told TODAY at the time. “There is a sense of accomplishment. It’s like, ‘Wow, this is something 22,000 people did. Not everybody can do it.’ And you do feel like, ‘Oh, OK, I did that!’”

Al has also shared some of his favorite recipes from his low-carb ketogenic diet.

In March, he marked 20 years since his transformative gastric bypass surgery by showing how far he's come. He held up a photo of his old size 54 Levi jeans and noted he weighed 340 pounds before dramatically slimming down after the procedure.

"It's still a struggle, but I'm never going back," he wrote on Instagram. "I have setbacks and struggle every day, but I never forget how far I've come."

After discussing his healthy lifestyle strategies on Monday, Al also revealed what gives him a little extra motivation.

“I’m the oldest person here,” he quipped. “I’m trying to last a little longer.”

"You will outlive all of us," Craig Melvin replied.