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Hate exercising? 5 fun workouts that will get you excited to hit the gym

Trying something new can increase strength by keeping your muscles guessing, and warding off workout boredom.
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It’s time to spice things up in the fitness department! While having fun during your workout might not be the No. 1 thing you currently look for in an effective sweat session — trust us, it’s key! Trying something new can increase strength by keeping your muscles guessing, and warding off workout boredom.

Today we want to encourage you and your gal pals to give SYC — Sweat, Yoga or Cycle — a try! That is, anything that gets you moving and grooving.

Yes, venturing outside of your comfort zone can be difficult, but oftentimes the best things in life happen when you take a leap of faith! So, grab a friend and step out together.

Spice up your daily workout with a boxing workout
Tone It Up

If your current routine feels stale, here are some suggestions to keep things fresh, original and fun:


With spin studios opening everywhere and classes offered at most gyms, this is an easy way to mix up your routine, not to mention blast major calories!

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If you love to sweat and want to be amazed by your own superpowers while listening to club-worthy jams, spin is for you.


This is an amazing, total body workout! You’ll feel it in your core, shoulders and booty. And it’s not all about the punches, it’s also about focus, agility and empowerment.

It’s particularly great if you’re stressed — boxing takes your mind and heart somewhere else. All of your focus is right there in your hands.

Hot yoga

If you want to improve your flexibility, a heated yoga session will get you closer to touching your toes. Might we add, it also feels amazing to walk into a heated room.

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And thanks to the heat, your muscles are able to lengthen and stretch easily to improve overall flexibility.

Group running

Need some motivation to hit the pavement? Or a buddy that will help you lower your personal best? Join a running group — it's a great way to turn your workout into a social occasion.

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Barre class

This is close to a ballet class, but with no dance experience needed! Thanks to the isometric movements, your muscles fatigue in a totally different way than with conventional weight training.

As a bonus, most classes include really effective core moves that improve posture.

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the founders of Tone It Up — a fitness and lifestyle brand. They are certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches, and best friends. Karena and Katrina have taken the world by storm with their fun, quirky and energetic approach to fitness and have built a vibrant community based around friendship, accountability, motivation, and inspiration.