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Hate coffee? Try these 5 drinks for a caffeine boost

If coffee has not been treating you right, you may want to explore some of these other options while giving the java a rest.
/ Source: TODAY

For some of us, coffee makes the world go 'round, but there are lots of other options when it comes to getting your caffeine buzz. If coffee has not been treating you right, you may want to explore some of these other options (which still offer health benefits) while giving the java a rest.

1. Matcha

This vibrant green beverage has been a hot topic among the wellness savvy sect in the past few years because it’s naturally photogenic (wellness gurus love Instagram) and it's a true superfood. It’s filled with powerful antioxidants and delivers an energy boost. Unlike other energy drinks, matcha doesn’t result in a subsequent crash, thanks to the l-theanine, which is a compound that works with stimulants like caffeine to promote cognition without anxiety or jitters.

If a cold brew is your normal order, try an iced matcha latte or even mix a bit of matcha into your breakfast.

2. Black tea

Traditionally enjoyed in the afternoon as your perfect cup of tea, this beverage is a bit more bold in flavor compared to its other tea counterparts. However, it’s similarly packed with polyphenols, compounds that act as antioxidants in the body to prevent oxidation of cells and fight inflammation.

One cup will provide you with just under 50 mg of caffeine (a cup of coffee has about 95 mg), which is enough to give you the little perk you sometimes need when your head starts nodding at your desk.

3. Yerba mate

A traditional drink of Argentina, one cup of yerba mate contains 78 mg of caffeine, which falls just a tiny bit lower than what you get from a regular old cup of joe. So yerba mate just might be what you need if it’s a morning boost you’re looking for, with a zen factor similar to slowly sipping a tea.

4. Green tea

Though it contains a bit less caffeine than yerba mate and coffee, green tea is a great option for those who want a milder, earthy tasting alternative to matcha, while still getting a small boost. Even better, if you’re someone who enjoys having a warm mug to hold on to, this allows you to keep a moderate caffeine intake, while staying sipping throughout the day. How about a slice of green tea bread with that cup?

5. Decaf coffee

While it does infer "decaffeinated" in its own title, a cup can still contain up to about 14 mg of caffeine, which may just be enough if an afternoon pick me up is all you’re after. Studies show you can reap the same benefits from drinking decaf as its caffeinated sibling, and you can do it while simultaneously avoiding overdoing it, which may cause feelings of anxiety, jitters or a rapid heartbeat.

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