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How happy are you?

Struggling to put a smile on your face? There is overwhelming pressure for everyone to "live their best lives." So, how can you do it? Here's some advice.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you sick of hearing the phrase "live your best life"? It's rampant on social media, but what does it even mean? Everyone's idea of their "best life" is different, and feeling pressure to accomplish it (and present it to the world) can feel overwhelming.

You're not alone if the stress to be happy is making you unhappy. So what can you do to take control of your life in a positive way? We talked to the experts: Meet Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor, a husband-and-wife happiness team. Gielan is a positive psychology researcher and bestselling author. Achor is also a positive psychology researcher and public speaker. Together, they created this quiz to help you take a closer look at how you handle day-to-day stress.

Take the quiz below, and check out their simple suggestions at the end.