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Give your purse a makeover: How to organize your handbag

Has your handbag turned into a black hole — a place where lipstick, car keys and cell phones disappear into the abyss? Well TODAY contributor Jill Martin is here to help!

As part of our #startTODAY series, Jill demonstrated Wednesday for Savannah, Natalie and two TODAY viewers exactly how to organize a purse. 


1. Pursfection

Jill's top tip: Keep everything but makeup, jewelry and chargers in a separate tote within your bag. Available through QVC, the Pursfection Portable Purse Organizer will act as the base of your tote — a handy (and movable) one-stop-shop for everything besides makeup, jewelry and chargers. Make sure you can see everything in the organizer. If you can't see it, you won't use it.

2. Makeup bag

Jill suggests ladies empty their makeup bags and toss anything that's expired using the following timelines:

Mascara: 3 months
Lipstick/Lipgloss: 3-6 months
Blush/Bronzer: 1 year
Eyeshadow: 2 years
Brushes: 3-6 months (and wash them with baby shampoo and warm water once a week; dry on paper towels)

3. Jewelry case

To prevent your accessories from getting tangled, Jill suggests a case like Jennifer Miller's Small Jewelry Organizer

4. Charger and cord holder

Are your electronic's accessories taking over your bag? Try wrapping them up in a case like the Cordito Cord & Plug Roll.

And there you go! A complete tote!