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Girl gets awesome tattoo to 'remind the world' she's deaf in one ear

/ Source: TODAY

One girl recently decided to make her invisible hearing impairment a bit more visible — and she got some awesome body art in the process.

Imgur user raingoose can't hear out of her left hear, so she got a tattoo as a "friendly (way) to remind the world not to talk to (her) from the left."

The tattoo is of a speaker with an 'X' next to it, and it appears near her left ear. She posted the photo to image-sharing site Imgur, and it has gained more than 2.5 million views within a day.

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She explained in the comments that the tattoo wasn't a spur-of-the-moment decision. Instead, she wrote, "Be sure that I thought this through and after weeks of through (sic) thinking I decided that this symbol describes it the best."

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Some commenters suggested a microphone would have been better than a speaker to indicate that she couldn't hear.

Raingoose responded, "I thought that people won't talk to me at all if I chose the mic."

"Or rather, that they think I cannot speak at all," she added. "I may be a stutterer, but I can still articulate myself.'

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She also had a message for anyone else who may not be able to hear so well: "I know — it sucks so bad, but eventually you'll get used to it and it will be a tiny little thing that is a part of you."

That's not the only takeaway for some Imgur users. DactylicHexameter wrote, "As someone who's deaf in one ear (left side too!), I'm totally stealing your idea!"

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Chaseman8 chimed in, "I am also deaf in my left ear 'skateboarding head trauma', and I love this idea as it can be difficult in social places. I like the humor."