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By Jillian Eugenios

The perfect outing can incorporate a lot of fun with some serious fitness.

TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe brought her 30 Days to a Better You challenge to Baltimore, TODAY’s “Shine a Light" city. She paired up with an outdoor gym class that provides exercise while also offering a tour of the city. The class gets both tourists and residents lunging at landmarks and marching up steps in one of the most physically inactive cities in the country.

“You can be a tourist in your own town while getting fit,” said Erica Jensen of Elite Fitness Tours. She incorporates a lunge for every landmark, and said that everyone can apply the workouts to their daily lives, wherever they live.  

It is especially important in the city of Baltimore, where 31 percent of the adult population is obese and one in 10 are diabetic. Nearly half have limited access to healthy foods. 

The TODAY anchors got in the lunging spirit, and shared the ways they mix fun outdoor activities with fitness. 

Dylan Dreyer said she takes her dog Bosco to Central Park. 

Bosco is allowed to run around off-leash in Central Park in the early mornings.Today

"Having a dog actually forces us to get out a lot more," Dreyer said. "I actually do the lunges while Bosco is walking." 

Carson Daly said that he took his family out for a stroll after dinner instead of their usual routine of relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine. "I promise you, we're going to continue to do it," Daly said. 

Carson Daly said he will continue to take advantage of the longer days, thanks to daylight saving time.Today

Erica Hill said she took her kids and their dog down to a beach near where she lives, and that it was a great activity for everybody, "four legs and two legs" alike.