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Friends surprise woman with parade on her final day of chemo

Amy Kleiner's best friend and neighbor organized the parade, which included balloons symbolizing her chemo treatments.
/ Source: TODAY

When Amy Kleiner was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in January, she knew she had a tough road ahead of her, but she also knew that her friends and family would help her weather the storm.

Kleiner’s best friend and neighbor, Tera Kiser, was there throughout her diagnosis, mastectomy and 20 chemotherapy treatments. To celebrate Kleiner's final chemo treatment, Kiser did something extra special: She organized a parade of family and friends.

“I just felt like the Lord gave me the idea,” Kiser, 41, told TODAY. “The minute she pulled into the neighborhood we could have people there with signs just to celebrate her last treatment.”

Kiser planned for weeks — she wanted the Aug. 4 parade to be perfect. She created a secret Facebook group and notified all of their Cincinnati, Ohio, neighbors. They cheered and waved handmade signs as Kleiner walked out of her house to head out for her final chemo treatment.

“When I opened my garage door and saw everybody I was just completely astonished,” Kleiner, 45, told TODAY. “The fact that I got to go and hug every single person out there and tell them thank you — I could have stayed out there all day.”

As astonished as Kleiner was by this sweet display of love, Kiser had one more surprise in store for her.

“I wanted to have people that care about her hold a balloon and have each person let one go symbolizing her treatments,” said Kiser. “And then I wanted to [have her family] give her the last four so she could let them go herself. It was just beautiful.”

Amy Kleiner parade to celebrate her final day of chemo treatment
"That's my favorite picture," said Kiser. "Her watching the balloons go up and just having a final goodbye (to chemo treatments)."Courtesy of Tera Kiser

Kleiner said she wishes that everyone could experience the love and support that she received from those who are closest to her. After walking through this journey right next to her, Kiser certainly agrees.

“Anybody who goes through this deserves a parade,” said Kiser. “Cancer is awful.”

With Kleiner’s final chemo treatment behind her, she can continue to count on Kiser for support.

“I don’t even exaggerate when I say I’ve never heard her complain,” said Kiser. “Creating the event was easy because she’s so easy to love. She just has such a great heart.”