Frank Gifford shares secrets to marriage with Kathie Lee

A special couples-themed hour on Friday gave Kathie Lee and Hoda the chance to find out what other couples fight about in their relationships, as well as what they appreciate in their partners.

It also gave KLG a chance to give her husband of nearly 27 years, Frank Gifford, a shout out.

KLG said she and Frank rarely fight these days, but when they do, watch out.

“It can be brutal. But we also laugh tons more than we fight,” she said. “If you don’t laugh, you might as well pack in in right now.”

That’s when she got surprised with a video of Frank offering some relationship tips.

“I think it’s quite simple how to make a marriage work,” he says in the dark, grainy video. "In my case I just never say, ‘No,’ And you always tell her how skinny she looks. She likes that and I like her to like that.”

KLG wasn’t sure if that was completely accurate, but gave him a pass because “I do like it when he does say ‘yes.'”

Hoda recalled a time when she arrived late to a luncheon honoring both Frank and Kathie Lee. She said Frank stood up when she got to their table and then sat down after she took her seat.

“I’ve seen him do that over and over to people. He’s got the old fashioned manners that are lost,” she said.

KLG agreed.

“Frank is a really generous, sweet person,” she said. “He’s a good man and I’m very grateful for him.”