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Flaunt Your No-So-Teeny-Weeny Full-Coverage Fatkini / Today
gabi gregg

Summer is finally here! And while some people have no problem sharing poolside pictures of themselves on Instagram, some of us are petrified about getting into a bathing suit at all!

Well, guess what? You can’t go swimming in a track suit so bathing suit it will have to be. And if you are going to wear it, you might as well own it. Plus-size blogger, Gabi Gregg (our Woman of the Week) recently started a “Fatkini” slideshow over at xoJane featuring real babes with real curves in real bikinis! So far, more than 30 beautiful full-figured ladies have sent in pictures of their bikini-clad-selves and we know there will be more.

We understand if you might not be ready to post yourself in your skivvies on the internet. But we do hope you will flaunt it on the beach this summer. I mean, really, are we going to spend the next few months wishing for thinner thighs and less belly fat or be happy with who we are and have some fun?