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Fitness expert Emily Skye shows off her 'real life' tummy wrinkles

Her abs are inspirational in a completely different way!
/ Source: TODAY

Fitness guru Emily Skye knows how to take a great Instagram, but as she admits in a new photo, posed pictures don't necessarily show off reality.

Skye posted an Instagram Monday morning in which we get to see her in a halter top, distressed denim shorts and pigtails, looking happy, toned and fit. But zoom in to the second shot, and you can see the "real life" version of her abs:

"We all have these parts of us that some may deem as 'flaws,'" she wrote in the caption. "I like to call them 'being human' & 'being unique.'"

She noted that there are many posts that show the real world vs. the posed world of Instagram, and she wanted to make sure her fans knew she was far from flawless.

"Here are a couple of pics showing me standing without my wrinkly tummy skin visible and with it visible," she continued. "I love myself whether you can see the wrinkly skin or not and I feel confident either way. This is why I choose to wear tops to show my belly! I'm proud of my body and what it's capable of."

But, she notes, she hasn't always been this self-accepting. "It took me many years to be confident and comfortable in my own skin and I still have moments when I'm not but most of the time I am. Remember that everyone has insecurities no matter WHO they are."

This isn't the first time Skye, 33, has been honest about her belly issues; in January she posted two photos side-by-side for a comparison:

And in 2017, she penned an essay for TODAY Style in which she talked about embracing all aspects of her body.

"Perfection doesn't exist," she wrote then. "What you may see as 'flaws' are what make you unique and amazing. Unfortunately, people will always judge and criticize, but the most important thing is to embrace who you are and love yourself for being imperfect and different!"

And today, she's still on a crusade to help us keep in mind that no matter how you look; what's most important is how you feel about how you look.

"Self love, body confidence & appreciation is something I'll always place importance on and it's something I’ll teach my daughter Mia as well," she added in this most recent photo's caption. "To love and be grateful for who she is and what she's got."

We think mom and daughter are probably on the right path!