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Feeling nauseous? Here's what to do

The best home remedies for when you feel queasy.
/ Source: TODAY

There are many causes for nausea — motion sickness, pregnancy, illness and even anxiety. It's a terrible feeling, and unfortunately, there aren't many methods for getting rid of the discomfort.

One of the oldest and best remedies for nausea is hot tea, particularly ginger and peppermint. These flavors have been found to have a calming effect on the stomach, and the warm water is believed to reduce spasms by relaxing the muscles.

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Though, if you have food poisoning, the flu, or simply feel hungover, home remedies probably won't help.

If you have to throw up, don't try to stop it. It's Mother Nature's way of getting rid of something that is not meant to be in your stomach.

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Focusing on your breath and sipping water may help to fight the nausea. Try to lie down in a dark area if possible, or get some fresh air.

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