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Epic sunscreen fail shows dangers of not using spray-on sunscreen correctly

/ Source: TODAY

A few things that could clue you into the fact that you're supposed to rub in spray-on sunscreen: the not-even-that-fine print on the back of the bottle, your nagging mother, common sense ...

But, alas, none of those things were heeded by the friends of Reddit user amici_ursi, who learned the hard way why you should never defy that great ball of fire in the sky.

(Internet, have your "SMH" comments at the ready.)

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"My friends first time in the Florida sun. Apparently it was also their first time using spray-on sunscreen," wrote amici_ursi in the caption that accompanied the photo.

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If that array of blistered backs doesn't discourage you from going without the sunscreen this summer, I'm not sure what will. For starters, the burns themselves look painfully intense, bordering on a purple-red hue. But then there are the, you know, stripes.

Though the post is funny at first, it's also pretty sobering as we head into the summer season. After all, melanoma is the deadliest form of cancer, and the back is the most common site for malignant melanoma.

So, one more time for the cheap seats: Always rub it in.