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'Your body is ruined': Fitness star Emily Skye responds to postpartum criticism

The Australian personal trainer welcomed her second child in June.
/ Source: Today

Australian fitness trainer Emily Skye is opening up about some of the hateful messages she’s received since welcoming her second child in June.

“‘RIP fit body.’ ‘Yuck.’ ‘Your body is ruined.’ ‘So much cellulite!’ 'Reminds me to never have kids,’” Skye began an Instagram post on Monday. “Just some of the comments I’ve been receiving about my postpartum body!”

Most of the time, Skye, 35, lets the criticism roll off her shoulders.

“I’d rather it come from others than myself. What I think of myself & tell myself is FAR more important than what others think & say to me,” she explained.

Skye, a personal trainer, and her longtime partner, Declan Redmond, share 2-year-old daughter, Mia, and 5-month-old son, Izaac.

“I LOVE my body so much & am grateful for everything it has done for me & my kids!” Skye wrote. But Skye acknowledged that "nasty comments" can still sting.

“Then I take a deep breath & let it go,” she revealed. “I know these people are being far from constructive & their only goal is to hurt me. I always try to turn a negative into a positive though & I’m using them for motivation. So thank you nasty people, instead of bringing me down you’ve only made me stronger, more determined & more resilient.”

Just as she did in 2017, Skye is sharing unedited postpartum pictures of herself on Instagram.

“You see pictures of women straight out of the hospital in skinny jeans and you think, ‘How is this possible?’” Skye told TODAY Health earlier this year. “I’d compare myself, which is evil. It’s horrible. It takes away joy.”

“I’ve been talking about this for a long time, how you shouldn’t compare yourself, but now I’m actually taking my own advice,” Skye said. “I’m focusing on my own journey and feeling good.