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Fitness influencer stresses her body didn't 'snap back' after childbirth

Emily Skye urged her fans to not compare themselves to others.
/ Source: TODAY

Australian fitness star Emily Skye is urging new moms to stop comparing themselves to others.

“Recently a celebrity showed off her super flat belly 11 days after having her baby,” Skye, 35, began an Instagram post on Tuesday. “I’ve seen so many people, especially mothers upset by it & compare their own bodies.”

Though Skye doesn’t name the celebrity, model Emily Ratajkowski, who welcomed her first child earlier this month, posted a picture of her enviable abs just over a week after giving birth. Hilaria Baldwin was also criticized for a similar postpartum photo last December.

Most people don’t “snap back” Skye assured her more than two million followers. Skye, who shares 3-year-old daughter, Mia, and 9-month-old son, Izaac, with longtime partner Declan Redmond, noted that she has “excess belly skin.”

“Comparing & feeling inferior to people who seem ‘perfect’ is unhealthy,” Skye wrote. “We can’t control what other people choose to put out there, but we can take control of how we allow them to affect us.”

Skye went on to reveal that it took her roughly a year to “get fit again” after Mia was born in 2017.

“I wondered why so many other fitness professionals snapped back fast after giving birth & I didn’t. I felt like an imposter as a ‘Fitness Expert’ because I didn’t look ‘fit,’” Skye shared.

But Skye is learning to be kinder to herself.

“This time around I knew better than to compare & beat myself up. I needed to practice what I preach & focus on my own journey & not get distracted by others,” Skye wrote. “I am SO proud of myself & have so much appreciation for my body & what it’s done & keeps doing for me & my babies.”

Skye was inundated with comments.

“Every postpartum journey is different and you are one hell of a woman to stand up and remind us all of that. Thank you,” wrote one person.

Added another, “You are a legend Emily. Making us all ‘non-snap back’ mommas feel normal and empowered.”

Skye has been sharing unedited images of herself since giving birth to Izaac in June.

“You see pictures of women straight out of the hospital in skinny jeans and you think, ‘How is this possible?’” Skye previously told TODAY Health. “I’d compare myself, which is evil. It’s horrible. It takes away joy.”

“I’ve been talking about this for a long time, how you shouldn’t compare yourself, but now I’m actually taking my own advice,” Skye said. “I’m focusing on my own journey and feeling good.”