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Dreading those spring allergies? 6 ways to protect yourself this season

For some, spring is associated with warm, sunny temperatures. But for others, it's a reminder to break out the tissue box as allergy season is just ahead.

Dr. Natalie Azar joins TODAY Monday for "Spring It On," a new series to help you reboot your routines and daily rituals ahead of spring.

While we can't be certain about the severity of this upcoming pollen season, we can start to take necessary precautions in light of the warmer weather — especially since the sniffles and itchy eyes may be on their way one week earlier than normal this year.

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According to experts, spring allergy season has been showing up a week sooner every year for the past 10 years. They say climate change could be to blame.

In the meantime, be proactive about possible allergy attacks — implement an emergency plan now, and pre-treat symptoms in advance with these tips.


How to deal:

  1. Be aware of your pollen count. Levels are at their highest on windy, dry and sunny days. If you're having trouble determining the pollen level, check your local weather report.
  2. Don't forget to exercise. Just because you see tomorrow may be a very high pollen day, doesn't mean you can't get that fitness in! Consider working out inside, instead.
  3. Break out the movie star shades! Wear oversized sunglasses to keep your eyes from coming into contact with airborne pollen.

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Protect yourself:

  • Take note of days that have high pollen count, and limit outdoor activities.
  • Avoid airborne pollen by keeping windows closed at all times. (You'll thank us in the long run!)
  • If you do go outside, make sure to shower right after. You likely got pollen in your hair, and unknowingly, this will bother you through the night.
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