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Dole blueberries recalled due to possible cyclospora contamination, FDA says

A limited number of cases of Dole Fresh blueberries have been recalled, but no illnesses have been reported.
No illnesses have been reported in association with the recall, which is preventative in nature at this time.Daniel Hurst Photography / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

On Friday, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued an announcement that Dole Diversified North America, Inc. has recalled a limited number of cases of its Dole Fresh blueberries due to a possible parasite contamination. So far, no illnesses have been reported in association with the blueberries in question.

Dole announced the recall on June 24 due to a possible cyclospora contamination. "Dole Diversified North America, Inc. is coordinating closely with regulatory officials," said the FDA's announcement.

According to the FDA, cyclosporiasis is an intestinal infection caused by the cyclospora parasite. "A person may become infected after ingesting contaminated food or water," said the announcement. "Common symptoms include severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, body aches and fatigue. The infection is treated with antibiotics and most people respond quickly to treatment."

The CDC says most people with healthy immune systems will recover from an infection of this parasite which is too small to be seen without a microscope without any treatment.

Again, no illnesses have been reported in association with the recall, which is preventative in nature at this time. Only the Dole blueberries with the exact UPC and lot codes listed in the recall are affected and no other Dole products are recalled. The UPC codes are as follows:

  • 18 oz: 0 71430 01154 6
  • Pint: 0 71430 01151 5
  • 6 oz: 07143001150 8
  • 24 oz: 071430011155 3

Consumers should check the FDA's announcement for pack dates and lot codes. The blueberries in question came in a variety of clamshell-type containers and were distributed in four U.S. states (Illinois, Maine, New York and Wisconsin), and two Canadian provinces (Alberta and British Columbia). Consumers are advised to check any product they have in their homes and discard any product the description and UPC codes in the recall.

Retailers and consumers with questions may call the Dole Consumer Center at 1-800-356-3111, which is open 24 hours a day.