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Do you wash your legs in the shower? The internet is divided

Does shaving your legs count?
/ Source: TODAY

It seems like a simple question until you realize how many people have a surprising answer to it.

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie weighed in on the debate that has divided the internet when they answered the polarizing question Wednesday on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna: Do you wash your legs in the shower?

Wait, is this really a serious question for people? It's not like it's trying to figure out the color of a dress.

Apparently so, as a Twitter poll by writer/editor Conor Arpwel about the issue has received more than 800,000 votes.

In the same vein of the question of which way you face in the shower being surprisingly divisive, 20 percent of the respondents to the leg-washing question said they don't go below the equator when cleaning themselves.

The leg-washing community was aghast.

Pop star Taylor Swift added her two cents on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday when she said that shaving her legs regularly counts as washing them.

That is an approach Savannah can get behind.

"First of all, I think I'm all stocked up on embarrassing confessions this week, but when I shave my legs, like Taylor, I think that counts as washing because I put soap (on my legs),'' Savannah said. "I don't even use shaving cream."

The argument against washing your legs while taking a shower is that the soap from your upper body will just run down your legs anyway and that your legs have a protective layer of natural oil so they don't need to be cleaned every day.

"I do scrub with a lot of soap,'' Savannah said. "I think some people don't wash their legs because they're soaping all up and they figure it's gonna trickle down."

The argument in favor of washing your legs is ... you're seriously not going to take a few seconds and just clean your legs?!

Give us your take on it by voting in our TODAY poll.

We certainly know where TODAY's Al Roker stands on the issue.

"How much time does it take to wash your legs?" a fired-up Al said on the 3rd hour of TODAY Monday, before later adding, "Unless you're Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and you're 18 feet tall, in five minutes you can wash everything!"

Taking it a step further, does that mean people like Savannah don't wash their legs if they don't shave them that day? Sure sounds like it.

"I do not shave my legs every day, and I'm not sure I shave them every week,'' she said. "I'm kinda hairless."

"You feel like a hairless cat, soft and smooth,'' Jenna said.

Savannah has reasons why she doesn't bust out the razor on her legs daily. Jenna, meanwhile, says she often shaves her legs twice a day, including before bed so that the sheets feel smooth against her legs.

"One of the reasons I don't shave every day is first of all, laziness,'' Savannah said. "But I hate putting lotion on. I hate touching my legs. If I shave, I feel I must put lotion on. And if I don't, then I don't."

"I think you might need some sort of therapy,'' Jenna joked.

For the 20 percent of people out there neglecting their legs, Dylan Dreyer had some simple instructions on the 3rd hour of TODAY.

"You start from the top down. ... Set aside a good 10 minutes for a shower and you can wash all your parts."