Do you or someone you know have Career Compulsive Disorder? Take this quiz!

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Do you or someone you know have Career Compulsive Disorder? It’s a condition of our overworked, always-on life, coined by Women’s Health magazine.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, half of professionals are putting in 65 hours of work per week. On top of that, nearly half of all employees check work email on weekends or when out sick. How do you achieve that ever-elusive work-life balance?

See where you fall on the CCD spectrum by taking this quiz from Women's Health. Rate how well each of the following sentences describes you, using a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being “Nah, not me” and 4 being “OMG, I am that person!” Then tally up your points.

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1. I live for survival mode, racing against deadlines.

2. I’ve got more big projects going than Obama.

3. At any one moment, I’m on the phone, checking my inbox, updating my to-do list, IM’ing, etc.

4. I overpromise more than an infomercial.

5. I feel guilty if I don’t reply to a work e-mail ASAP.

6. The night-shift cleaning staff at the office knows me by name.

7. It’s hard to relax and unplug—even on vacation.

8. I spend way more time working than hanging with friends or family.

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8–16: Congrats! You’re a master of work-life equilibrium.

17–24: Warning! The job is starting to take over your world. Follow the tips in this story to step out of the office and ward off burnout.

25–32: Red alert! You’re steamrolling toward extreme CCD, with a double-barrel stress level. Individual or group therapy, or a support group like Workaholics Anonymous, can help.