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Do you lie to your significant other? Take this quiz to find out what it means about you

by Kathie Lee & Hoda / / Source: TODAY

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M. Gary Neuman is a psychotherapist and creator of the Neuman Method where he helps couples create happy and healthy marriages. He says to be happy in your relationship with your partner, you have to lie a little bit.

Take his quiz and score your answers at the bottom to find out what your lying habits may mean about you and your relationship.

Scoring your answers:

1. A- 1 points B- 0 points C- 3 points

2. A- 2 points B- 1 point C- 3 points

3. A- 0 points B- 0 points C- 3 points

4. A- 3 points B-0 points C- 2 points

5. A- 0 points B- 3 points C- 1 point


11-15: You're doing well understanding when and when not to lie. Keep focusing on helping your spouse feel loved by being aware of when your spouse would and would not want you to lie.

6-10: You need help learning what type of lies are appropriate and inappropriate. Consider talking to your spouse about developing guidelines for honesty in your relationship.

0-5: You're a lying machine and in all the wrong places. Get help immediately with your honesty and understanding When you can or cannot lie before you create serious distrust in your relationship.

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