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What is oatzempic? A dietitian breaks down the viral weight loss trend

Oatzempic is going viral for promising quick weight loss. Is it safe and should you try it?
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Oatzempic is the latest nutrition trend to hit TikTok. The clever name pays ode to the popular drug Ozempic (which can induce weight loss) since many say consuming the oat-based drink leads to dramatic weight loss. Some even claim that oatzempic, which has no affiliation with the medication, can help you lose up to 40 pounds in two months. 

Although the name is clever, it’s important to remember not to believe everything you see on social media. Here’s what you need to know about the oatzempic trend and whether or not you should try it. 

What is oatzempic?

Oatzempic is a simple blended drink with a half-cup of rolled oats, 1 cup of water, a dash of cinnamon and a squeeze of lime juice. The name combines oats and Ozempic, a diabetes medication that regulates blood sugar and curbs appetite, resulting in weight loss.

Props to whoever came up with the catchy name, but oatzempic doesn’t include any weight loss medication. It’s merely an oat-based smoothie.

Can oatzempic help you lose weight? 

People on TikTok are drinking #oatzempic to lose weight for their wedding or achieve their “summer bod.” Some who drink it daily claim that it keeps them full, which isn’t surprising given the fiber content of oats. Research suggests that the beta-glucan fiber in oats positively impacts hormones that regulate hunger and appetite, and there may be a link between eating oats and long-term weight management and lower incidences of obesity. 

Oatzempic has about 140 calories, less than most people consume in a single snack. As a result, drinking oatzempic as a meal replacement results in a calorie deficit and may cause weight loss. Yet, drastically cutting calories often causes extreme hunger and overeating, which may hinder weight loss efforts.

How to lose weight safely

Losing 40 pounds in two months sounds appealing, but it’s extreme and not recommended. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that people who lose weight gradually, about 1 to 2 pounds per week, are more likely to maintain weight loss. Although weight loss differs for everyone, losing about 5 pounds per month is a healthy goal. 

As appealing as quick weight loss sounds, no miracle drink or food can help you magically shed pounds. Losing weight comes down to small diet and exercise changes over time. 

A study of over 4,000 people who lost weight as part of a structured weight loss program shared how they kept the weight off for more than three years. They cited tactics such as eating nutrient-dense foods, monitoring food intake, engaging in physical activity, goal setting and celebrating small achievements. 

Should you try oatzempic?

As a dietitian, I recommend oats (and even named them the healthiest whole grain). They are a healthy and affordable breakfast staple that provides fiber and protein. And eating oats has been linked to lower levels of cholesterol. But, there’s no proof that oatzempic leads to dramatic weight loss. Rather than blending oats with water and lime juice, make a hearty bowl of oatmeal and enjoy by chewing your food instead.

Healthy oat recipes

Rather than drinking oats with water, use them in a variety of tasty dishes. Here are some of our favorite oat recipes.