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Peloton’s Jess Sims shares 3 easy low-impact, high-intensity exercises to boost your heart health

In honor of American Heart Health month, Peloton's Jess Sims share a few simple moves to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

Ready to take your workout routine to the next level? In honor of American Heart Month, Peloton instructor Jess Sims is sharing three low-impact, high-intensity workout moves that help you build strength and burn calories.

Jess Sims is the most popular strength training instructor on the Peloton app for very good reason. Her classes convey her — seemingly boundless — knowledge about fitness and she makes exercise feel practical and accessible with a ton of finesse and charisma.

The best part of this heart-boosting workout? It's high-intensity without being high-impact, which keeps your joints safe. Plus, each of these workout moves can be easily modified depending on how intense you want your sweat session to be.

1. Cardio Squats

This move gives a traditional squat more cardiovascular benefit which is great for your overall heart health. If you get comfortable with this movement, to advance, pick up the pace. This will get you sweating in no time!

  1. Get into a squat position.
  2. Move the legs out to the left, out to the right then back into the middle.

Pro tip from Sims:

Beginners can start by doing this for 30 seconds at a time. If you're already intermediate, start with 45 seconds.

2. Split Squat

A lot of people are intimidated by reverse lunges because there is a lot of movement but a split squat can be more comfortable and equally effective. If you can’t go all the way down, that’s totally fine. With time, I promise you'll get there!

  1. Position your legs in a split position like they are on train tracks to help with your balance and make you feel more confident.
  2. Slowly squat down and repeat.

Pro tip from Sims:

Start out slowly until you master the move. Then pick up the pace to increase the intensity.

3. Standing Crunch

This move is amazing to work the obliques without crunching the neck and is so effective!

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms behind your head, and abs engaged.
  2. Bring your right elbow to your left knee as you twist through your waist, then return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

Pro tip from Sims:

For an easier workout, alternate sides. To really feel the burn, try doing 30-45 seconds of crunches on one side and then repeating on the other side.

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