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Al shares message about self care on first lake walk since knee surgery

The TODAY weatherman is recovering from knee replacement surgery and getting back into his walking routine one step at a time.

Sundays are all about self care for Al Roker, and he managed to work a special health milestone into his relaxing routine over the weekend.

On Sunday, the TODAY weatherman shared two Instagram videos that documented his first lake walk since he underwent knee surgery in May. In the first clip, the 68-year-old filmed himself and showed off the gorgeous view as he talked to his Start TODAY followers.

“This is my first lake walk since my knee surgery and it feels good. Not going hog wild, not getting nutty, just taking my time, but enjoying the day," he said in the video.

Al went on to encourage his followers to work a bit of self care into their own weekend routines.

"Do something for you today where you take care of yourself. Because as we go into next week you know, if you haven’t taken care of yourself, you can’t take care of other folks,” he said.

In his next video, Al happened to run into his wife, Deborah Roberts, while he was taking in the beautiful views.

“Out here on my first lake walk since my knee surgery and who do I spy with my little eye but the fabulous @debrobertsabc. And here we are walking along the lake coming back," he said.

Al greeted his wife, asking how her walk was.

"It was good. Just at the very end I got a little tweak in my knee so I stopped my run here just a little shy of the finish line," she said.

"But you did it!" Al said, encouraging her.

"I did it," she agreed. "That's what it's all about."

Al then repeated Deborah saying "That's what it's all about," before breaking into a rendition of the song "Hokey Pokey."

Initially amused, Deborah started to dance a bit. But as Al continued to sing and film her, she jokingly brushed him off and said, "No, no," as she motioned for him to cut it out.

Al's followers got a kick out of the endearing interaction and took to the comments to share their amused reactions.

"😂😂 Your wife said it’s too early for the singing," one wrote.

Another left the following comment: “😂😂you two are so cute! Debra is like “enough!” 😂.”

On May 9, Al underwent a total knee replacement surgery on his left leg. Twenty three years ago, he had a knee replacement surgery on the same leg and described this as a "replacement of a replacement.”

The day after his surgery, Al was already up and moving, walking down the hospital hallway with a walker to begin the recovery process.

On May 30, he returned to work at TODAY, just three weeks after his surgery and told his coworkers that he was feeling "all good."