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Train like Travis Kelce: 3 strength and agility exercises for your at-home workout

From the brute strength of Travis Kelce to the agility of Patrick Mahomes, this football workout will help you channel your inner athlete for Super Bowl weekend.

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This weekend is Super Bowl 58 and millions of Americans will tune in to see the amazing athletic feats of the players on the field (and let's be honest, jam out to Usher and laugh at some commercials).

If you're squeezing in a workout before digging in to the game-day spread, take a page out of an NFL player's training book by incorporating these exercises into your routine.

James McMillian, NASM-certified personal trainer and director of innovation at Tone House, shared three football training moves inspired by the athletic abilities of your favorite defensive linemen, tight ends and running backs. 

Train like a tight end with lateral shuffles

To be a tight end, “you have to have agility, you have to be able to move on the field, but tight ends are bigger, they’re stronger,” says McMillian. This bodyweight move is a great way to build strength and balance while improving agility and speed.

To perform: Line up 3 cones (or household objects like socks or shoes) on the floor, about one foot apart. Stand to the right of the three cones. Jump over the first cone landing with your left foot as you drive the right knee to the chest. Step the right leg to the ground and immediately jump the left foot over the next cone, driving the right knee up again. Continue covering all 3 cones and then switch directions, going back to the left. Think about driving the knees to the chest (not the chest to knees) and pump your arms.

  • Beginner modification: High knees in place.
  • Advanced modification: Perform the lateral shuffle and then drop down into a burpee on either side.

Train like a defensive lineman with this squat to overhead press

"Defensive linemen have to break through the line and get the tackle. So you have to have power; power through the lower body, those hips, your core and your shoulders. During this explosive move think about breaking through that line; making a sack on the quarterback in the Super Bowl.”

To perform: Grab a pair of light to medium dumbbells (a weight you can perform 8-to-10 reps with). Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and rack the dumbbells on the shoulders with your elbows hugged into your sides. Lower your body into a deep squat. As you return to standing, use the momentum from your legs to explosively push the dumbbells straight up overhead. Return the dumbbells to your shoulders and immediately drop down into a squat. Repeat for 8-10 repetitions.

  • Beginner modification: Use just one dumbbell, holding it with both hands.
  • Advanced modification: Choose a heavier weight or increase your speed.

Train like a running back with skater hops

“I played running back when I played football. You have to have agility, proprioception — awareness of your surroundings — balance, and coordination,” says McMillian. “You learn about your body because as a running back, you can have all the biceps and pectoral muscles in the world; if you can’t move on the field, you can’t play.”

To perform: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Step the left leg behind you into a curtsy lunge. Use your front arm to create momentum as you jump the left leg a few feet to the left side. Land on the left foot, and bring the right leg behind you, hovering it above the ground for a single leg balance. Then jump to the right side, landing on the right foot and hovering the left leg above the ground behind you. Continue alternating sides. Be mindful of landing lightly to protect the knees.

  • Beginner modification: Take out the hop and step from side to side instead.
  • Advanced modification: Increase your speed and sit lower into the front leg.