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Need a quick workout? Try these effective 15-minute routines at home

Did we mention they're free?
Woman working out at home while watching online yoga class.
Shorter workouts also tend to be easier to commit to — and doing them at home makes it even easierhobo_018 / Getty Images stock

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Contrary to popular belief, workouts don’t need to be long to be effective. In fact, just 15-minutes of exercise per day can increase your lifespan, improve cardiovascular and metabolic health and even sharpen cognitive function

Shorter workouts also tend to be easier to commit to. Think about it: Are you more likely to skip out on an hour-long run or a 15-minute workout? Here are 10 workouts that can be done in just a few minutes — many of which don’t require any equipment! 

1. Diverse Personal Training Cardio and Strength Circuit

Grab a set of hand weights or even two heavy cans, and you have what you need to do this 15-minute cardio workout focusing on the shoulders and core.

2. MadFit’s No Equipment 15 Minute Full Body Workout

All you need is floor space and 15-minutes to sweat it out to this super effective full-body workout that’ll have you dripping sweat by the end.

3. PuzzleFit 15-Minute Quick Tabata HIIT Aerobic Step Workout

This quick but challenging Tabata workout packs a punch. This workout uses a step, with heart-pumping cardio bursts done in 20-second intervals with 10 seconds of rest.

4. Boho Beautiful Yoga 15-Minute Morning Yoga Workout

Start your morning off right with this full-body yoga workout, focused on strengthening and toning to wake up every part of the body.

5. MrandMrsMuscle 15-Minute Abs and Core Circuit

Work every ab and core muscle in just 15 minutes. This workout incorporates a series of standing and floor movements to engage all major core muscle groups.

6. GymRa 15-Minute Buttocks Workout

This 15-minute glute workout delivers a booty burn — no equipment needed. Slow, controlled movements are the key to this quick but effective workout.

7. Blogilates 15-Minute Arm Burnout

How hard can a 15-minute upper body workout without weights really be? Your arms will be shaking by the end of this weightless workout — and you’ll feel stronger for it.

8. Juice & Toya 15-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to work. This 15-minute strength and conditioning workout targets every muscle group.

9. STEEZY 15-Minute Hype Dance Workout

Need some pick me up? Have 15 minutes? This dance workout feels more like a party, guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

10. FitnessBlender 15-Minute HIIT Workout

An intense cardio workout packed into 15 minutes, this Tabata-style HIIT workout features 20-second intervals of work with 10-second rest periods. Lots of jumps interspersed throughout keep things fun and interesting.