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Diane Hoffman, 91, breaks USA Track & Field world running record

After years of playing tennis, her running career is just beginning.
/ Source: TODAY

Diane Hoffman is not your typical 91-year-old. Last week, she broke not one, but two U.S. running records for her age group. Oh, and she snagged a world record as well.

Hoffman sped past the competition at the USA Track & Field’s New England Open & Masters Championship in Worcester, Massachusetts, setting new U.S. records for women ages 90-94 in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints.

For the 400-meter sprint, Hoffman broke the world record running 2:44:25 in the single-lap distance. The record was previously held by Emilia Garcia de Fontán of Colombia, who ran it in 2:46.56, according to Runner's World.

Hoffman does have an athletic background, but not in running. The 91-year-old’s running career started one day when her son saw her running outside. Stunned by his mom’s abilities, he convinced her to compete in local track meets.

“I don't know! My son wanted to me to run...I don't run, I am tennis player!” Hoffman said after hearing of her wins, according to USATF. “I guess tennis helped. I always played at the net, going like this, and this...That way no balls could get past me!” she added, mimicking tennis racket swings.

She's one of many who prove people of all ages are capable of incredible things.