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Do you like my rolls? How she built her self-esteem, 1 silly pic at a time

A woman's social media parody account makes fun of fitness trends and has had an unintended benefit.
/ Source: TODAY

While some find cleaning eating, workout, and fitspo social media inspiring, it's a bummer for those who think they can’t live up to such high standards.

British comedian Bella Younger's way to deal with weight shame and feelings of inadequacy came in the form of of a parody. Her Deliciously Stella, not only pokes fun at impossibly beautiful Instagram accounts, it has helped boost Younger's self-esteem.

“I was like, ‘Why is everybody on the beach all of the time? Why do I not have abs? Are there actually chips in my hair today?’,” Younger told TODAY via email. “Taking the pictures has taught me not to care so much about what other people think.”

Deliciously Stella
Stella's boxing routine requires a different kind of exertion. It's also not really great for brain health.Courtesy Deliciously Stella

The habit that helped her lose 124-pounds and heal her self-esteem

When she was a development researcher for a food TV show, Younger, 28, often scrolled through social media accounts heavy on hashtags and insprirational photos.




#wod (workout of the day)

She saw countless pictures of avocados on toast, gym mirror selfies and people doing yoga handstands on beaches.

“Instagram presents people as our peers, which can make us feel like our lives aren’t necessarily as ‘perfect’ as other people’s … it can breed insecurity,” she said.

Deliciously Stella
Deliciously Stella tries all the latest health fads. When Michael Phelps started cupping, Stella did too. Her cups of choice left fewer marks.Courtesy Deliciously Stella

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So she decided to have some fun with it, posting her versions. Her yoga on a beach became “the porpoise caught in a net" pose, where she’s sprawled out on the sand, seemingly unconscious.

Like Michael Phelps, she tried cupping — with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Her before-and-after photos celebrated her white carb diet — showing her belly rolls, buns literally strapped to her tummy. For the after picture, the rolls were gone.

In a popular video on "weight watching", she simply stares at a kettlebell.

“The account is just supposed to be really silly,” she said. “Hopefully nobody thinks that I think pouring juice over your head actually constitutes a juice cleanse.”

Deliciously Stella
When Stella learned that hula hooping can help people get fit, she tried it herself.Courtesy Deliciously Stella

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The Instagram account, which has almost 150,000 followers, has even won fitspo fans.

“Everyone seems to have a great sense of humour about it, which is a relief,” she said.

She believes people feel exhausted by so many inspirational images.

“People were ready for a bit of a respite,” she said.

Deliciously Stella
Avocado and egg on toast is one of her more popular pics, "probably because they see so much of it."Courtesy Deliciously Stella

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Younger recently published a cookbook of the same name, where Deliciously Stella doles out advice, such as eating more hole foods, like donuts or cookies. Stella certainly doesn’t get nutrition.

“Its written as if it’s a healthy eating manual but all of the recipes are made out of candy and white carbohydrates,” she said.

Deliciously Stella
"Since starting the white carbohydrate diet my rolls have completely gone! It's amazing," Stella explained in the photo caption. Courtesy Deliciously Stella

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Her goal with Deliciously Stella?

“I hope that everyone is being a bit kinder to themselves."